Anyone Hear Brett Favre is Back?

jd 819.JPG
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

Brett Favre is a Minnesota Viking. Also in cased you missed it, Michael Vick is on the Eagles, Jerome Bettis is from Detroit and water is wet.

One person that is fully aware of Favre’s return is former USC quarterback John David Booty. Booty was planning on wearing number 4 this season for the Vikings. Not anymore. Favre ripped Booty’s jersey from him as soon as he got off the plane. John David is now wearing number 9. With four quarterbacks on the Vikings roster (Favre, Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels and Booty), it will be interesting to see what the Vikings do with their surplus of QBs.

Booty Booted to No. 9 Jersey [myfoxtwincities]


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