Blogs With Balls Radio Premiers on the Joe Sports Fan Radio Network

Welcome to the premier of Blogs With Balls Radio on the Joe Sports Fan Radio Network.

From JSF:

Over the past few weeks on our regular installment of the “JoeSportsFan Show”, we teased the fact that big news was coming down the podcasting pipeline here on Yesterday, you saw the initiation of this news as our own Patrick Imig and Jason Major debuted their first weekly show entitled, “The Steel Cage”.

Today, we’re happy to announce a partnership of sorts with respected cohorts that will deliver complementary content to our own internal lineup. Without further ado, we’re pleased to unveil the “JoeSportsFan Radio Network“.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the team.

Download Episode 1 Here.

Today we kick off with a show intro to let you know where we plan to take the show, and highlight what’s going on with the planning of Blogs With Balls 2.0 at the Blog World & New Media Expo.

We point out our first Ballsy Blog of the Week,

Poulter’s site is no small reflection of the confidence he has in his game and his style.

We also have our first guest of the show, NCAA All-American from West Virginia, former 2nd round draft pick of the Tennessee Titans, former Cincinnati Bengals captain, and Founder & Co-CEO of, John Thornton (@JohnThornton).

In his post-playing career, John blogs at and offers full-service consulting for players in everything from nutrition and dieting to social media development at Jock Biz.

We are also honored to have John join Mike Germano (President, Carrot Creative), Pete Vlastelica (CEO,, Ron Wechsler (VP Series Production and Development, ESPN) on the “Connecting Directly” Panel at BwB2, where the group will look at what athletes being able to speak directly to their fanbase via blogs & Twitter means to sports media, bloggers, and fans.

John offers a preview of the discussion on today’s show.

Regarding how the media, namely those covering the Bengals, see their roles changing as guys like Chad Ochocinco circumvent the traditional athletes and take their message directly to fans:

“The media people that we talked to they were all sort of afraid for their jobs because they feel like they’re going to get cut out. Chad was actually on that panel and he said he wants to cut the middle man out because he’s been portrayed in a certain way…

I think the role of the media initially was to cover the game. Whether you’re supposed to tell what happened, but I think over time the media got so much power and they start to give their own opinions, their personal opinions. Now…the media has to reinvent themselves. You got to use social media…

You can’t be afraid of the athletes Tweeting or using their blogs or Facebook, you know whatever. You just gotta use it. You got to find a way to reinvent yourselves because it’s not just the newspapers anymore. Everybody’s online. Everybody’s on their cell phones. You just got to use that and incorporate it into your own story.”

Regarding how players interact, specifically those John consults with or is familiar with:

“We really try to let the guys know hey it’s cool to have fun, it’s cool to put yourself out there, but – you know – it’s public…

But then there’s guys that don’t care. There’s guys that I played with that I follow on Twitter that I’m like, ‘Why are you saying that? Why are you talking like that?’ But its really, its how they are…

This is your public image…”

Finally, we put John on the spot for a game we dubbed “Skyped Up” where we see just how familiar he is with the sports personalities his clients potentially have to interact with.

Look for more great things to come both with our show (which will be available each Wednesday), as well as the other personalities that will be announced on the JSF Radio Network in days and weeks to come.

This week’s links of interest.

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