The Hottest College Football Fans

cf 831f.jpg

The bleacher report has rated the top 40 best looking student bodies. USC was ranked 3rd. LSU came in 1st. You can see why in the above picture. More photos of other fans after the jump….

To see entire list click here.

sc 831 fans.bmp

College Football’s 40 Hottest Fanbases [BleacherReport]

cf 831.jpg
Mississippi State was ranked 32nd

cf 831h.bmp
Texas A&M made the top 10

cf 831i.bmp
Nebraska coming strong at #9

cf 831a.jpg
FUCLA at 8. She is hot but UCLA still sucks.

cf 831b.jpg
More proof the Pac-10 is the best conference in America, The Oregon Ducks are ranked 7th.

cf 831g.jpg
Tim Tebow continues to blow it, hopefully he will figure it out by the end of the year. Florida is ranked 6th.

cf 831c.jpg
FSU is 5

asu 831.jpg
It is no surprise that ASU is ranked 2nd


0 thoughts on “The Hottest College Football Fans

  1. Hi Trojan Fans ,Folks, well that was a good bowl game showing via los vegas!?Gee whiz will walker join martin lets hope so !?Walker stinks this dude is this years robey!/ usc s oline ARE NOT IN CONDITION over weight most are !? Sincerely, Edward

  2. Hi Trojan fans, Hey lee leaving this guy overrated had 1.5 season good seasons then a downward spiral!?Usc did better win wise when lee was off the field!? These guys nfl cannon fodder stink ugo , martin walker !? Good riddance addition by subtraction!? Sincerey, Edward

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