Opening an Online Gambling Account

After years and years of searching for an opportunity to engage in and then encourage online sports betting, we have finally accomplished something.

Seriously, never has it ever come across so easy as BetUS.

Here is how we did it.

1. Sign up (form fields are never fun but this is relatively painless)

2. Confirmed our name, address, email, and phone in this fancy check format… oh we are so going to make some mad money!

3. Voila! We’re done… well not quite, we gotta click the “Claim my Sign-Up Bonus” button and fund our account.

4. Many payment options available. We chose VISA. We funded our account with $250. We were charged an international transaction fee of $7.51 by BetUS (or fun-info as it shows up on our statement) and then our bank charged us a $12 processing fee.

5. Since we chose VISA, we entered our credit card info here.

6. Then we entered the last 4 digits of our social (this is to protect credit card companies against fraud). We were asked a few other multiple choice questions, like if we were previously employed at Burger King, which while creepy on a privacy level, is necessary, again, to protect against fraud.

7. Yay… deposit was successful!

8. We placed our first bet on the California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and won!

Getting paid (or “requesting a payout” as it’s called) requires a few extra steps, again, to protect against fraud, but we did it and it’s detailed after the jump.

1. We printed this email, filled it out, scanned and uploaded it to our BetUS account (along with a scan of our drivers license and front/back of our credit card).

2. There are two options for requesting a payout. Couriered Check ($40 fee) or a BankWire ($25-$50 fee). TrojanWire chose the BankWire. We called 1-800-973-6659 and immediately got to speak with a super friendly customer service rep, Kirstin. We gave her the necessary info to wire us the money, which except for the Swift Code we found all conveniently on one of our checks. (Bank of America’s SWIFT Code number is BOFAUS3N but if your bank is different either Google your bank and “swift code” or just call them up.)

Bank Name
Bank Address
Swift Code
Account Number
Name on the Account

3. Up to 72 hours to process. Money request is there in 7-10 business days. $25 fee is deducted from our remaining balance. Kirstin gave us her direct extension and standard work hours in case anything didn’t go as planned.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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