TrojanWire Thoughts of the Day: 9-4-09

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(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

Before the season starts no one really knows anything about anything. There are no sure things in sports. Too many variables can change a season in an instant. The experts want you think they know what they are talking about, but they really don’t. That being said, I am going to attempt to give some non-expert “homer” analysis before every game. I present to you Freerdo thoughts of the day. Here is my first edition:

USC has the one of the best and deepest offensive lines in the nation. If they can give Barkely time to throw, he will succeed. It might be nice to see the O-Line platoon. Games are won and lost on the front lines, look for the Trojans to wear out San Jose State.

Stafon Johnson is the most underrated running back in college football.

Another guy we don’t give enough love to, Stanley Havili. No one runs a better wheel route.

Ever been sitting in a movie and had to go to the bathroom? I am a fan of holding it (I hear it makes your wang bigger). But if you can’t this is a great application for your iphone. Courtesy of the Palmer Brothers.

Over Under on how many beers I will nervously drink while watching the new Matt Barkley era begin tomorrow: 7.

Speaking of 7, I love that Barkley picked that as his number. I really want this kid to succeed. He seems like a good guy.

NFL scouts, I would like to introduce you to Chris Galippo, Malcom Smith and Mike Morgan. The tradition of bad ass linebackers at USC lives on.

More thought provoking analysis after the jump…

I am bummed about last nights Oregon game. What an ugly way to start the college football season. I wonder if the Ducks will retire their all white Storm Trooper uniforms after that debacle. They have like 800 different uni combos.

The Trojans defense will be fast this year. Usain Bolt Fast.

I am going to a costume themed wedding party this weekend. You have to either dress cowboy or yacht club. I think its obvious which outfit I will rocking. BOATS N HOES!

Everson Griffin has all the potential in the world. So far he has disappointed. I hope this is the year he can put it all together because he can be great.

I am excited to see David Ausberry finally get a chance to play. He is a big dude. Kirstie Alley at an all you can eat buffet big…. Christina Hendricks big…wink wink. I think you catch my drift, the guy is enormous.

(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

I think its ridiculous that ESPN pointed out that Matt Barkley threw 18 interceptions as a senior at Mater Dei. Really ESPN…I mean REALLY????

Is there a worse feeling in the world than going on and seeing a picture of yourself.

peep of wal.jpg

Taylor Mays is big time. It will be a joy to watch him play this year. Also did you know: Taylor Mays doesn’t use dimmers, he only lights shit up. For more Taylor Mays facts click here.

Why isn’t Jack Handy on Saturday Night Live anymore? That guy was funny.

Penalties kill drives. The Trojans need to play smart and error free football. Memo to officials, this is not a penalty. He led with his shoulder. Clean hit my friends, clean hit.

My prediction for the Alabama vs. Virginia Tech game. Low scoring and boring. I hope I am wrong.

Next time you see a fire fighter, thank them.


0 thoughts on “TrojanWire Thoughts of the Day: 9-4-09

  1. why do i not remember that TM hit in the rose bowl? maybe because i was drunk and happy. happy drunks don’t remember hits like that. did i leave the iron on?

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