TrojanWire Thoughts of the Day: 9-11-09

bradford 91109.jpg
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

USC will be tested all year. Saturday is their first test. They have to travel to a hostile environment to play a worthy opponent. What will the outcome be? Your guess is as good as mine. But the Trojans always come to play on Saturday. If they can limit mistakes and stay cool under pressure, I expect things to go our way. Here is our second edition of TrojanWire Thoughts of the Day:

I was impressed by Jeremy Bates and the USC playing calling last week. Some said that the offense was very simple because USC had a true freshman under center. I disagree. Barkley was there all spring and has the tools and smarts to run a complex offense. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be the starter. The Trojans just didn’t want to give anything away. Why show any trickery in week one? Lets surprise opponents as the season progresses. I have no problem with USC running the same play over and over if the other team can’t stop it. Coach Carroll has put together a great coaching staff. This will help the Trojans on Saturday.

The Galen Center, along with five other locations around the country, are showing the USC vs. Ohio State game in a special 3-D format. 3-D doesn’t work for Taylor Mays. The stuff on screen is afraid to get up in his face. Ahhhhhhhh SNAP! For more “facts” on Taylor Mays click here.

Allen Bradford (pictured above) is a beast. He looks like LenDale 2.0, but bigger, stronger and faster (and cooler tattoos). Jeremy Bates on Bradford, “I wish I had this guy on the Broncos last season.”

More jaw-dropping, head spinning, bad ass analysis after the jump…

The Trojans have one of the best secondary’s in the nation. 6th year senior Josh “Grandpa” Pinkard had a great game on Saturday. He is a true shutdown corner. His experience will help improve a defense that only allowed 6 passing touch downs last year (if that is even possible). That’s right, the Trojans only allowed 6 passing touchdowns and an amazing 134.4 passing yards per game in 2008. On Pinkard’s two pass deflections, he had the smarts to knock the ball high in the air to allow his teammates the opportunity for potential picks.

Does your girl like to party all the time? Mine does. So does Eddie Murphy’s….

Yep, that’s Rick James in the sound booth and with a cheetah guitar strap. Best music video by an actor ever.

Why does everyone say how loud it is at the Shoe? See for yourself…

the shoe 911a.jpg

All the fans are insanely close to the field. It is crucial that the Trojan offense shows discipline and limit false starts. There is nothing worse than starting a drive 1st and 15.

Never date a girl with the last name Schnapps, Bourbon, Wild Turkey or Tequila.

In other “name” news, Nicole Richie had a son the other day. His name, Sparrow James Midnight Madden. He should ditch the James and just go by Sparrow Midnight.

There have been many comparison of Terrelle Pryor to Vince Young. The biggest difference between Pryor and Young? Young faced a secondary with the Ting Brothers. Pryor faces a secondary with Taylor Mays. I expect blitzes from the secondary all night. Taylor Mays will be Terrell Pryor’s shadow. Sucks to be you Pryor.

Ting bro.jpg
(Photo of a Ting Brother failing to bring down Vince Young brought to you by Icon Sports Media)

Even if the secondary doesn’t blitz, the Trojans’ front seven looks very quick. The linebackers might not be as flashy as last year, but they looked fundamentally sound and flipping fast sideline to sideline. With the emergence of freshman Devon Kennard, the D-Line has some potent depth.

I always love it when I am out at lunch and I see a really old guy drinking a beer (George Burns old). Being a dirty old man looks like fun.

The TrojanWire game ball goes to Jeff Byers for seamlessly switching from guard to center and anchoring an offensive line that paved the way for 342 rushing yards.

Last week, Damian Williams might not have had gaudy numbers (3 catches for 67 yards), but he was always wide open when the Trojans needed a first down. He helped Matt settle into his first game, he picked up yards after the catch and looked like he was in total control. His new nickname is Dr. Smooth. I have anointed this upon him. With the departure of Malcolm Jenkins, the Dr. will have another big day (last year Williams had 2 TD catches vs. Ohio State).

By The Numbers:

620: total offensive yards by the Trojans vs. San Jose State.
16: tackles for a loss by the Trojans vs. the Spartans
11: Playmates in the new Guitar Hero commercial

9: San Jose St. rushing yards vs. USC
5: Modelos I drank during last weeks game and sacks by the Trojans vs. the Spartans
25: Draft Coors Lights I drank at the Boats N Hoes/Cowboy themed wedding party I attended after the game (it was the only light beer keg they had, and I was in it to win it)
37: Trojans on NFL rosters this year
300: A crappy and unnecessarily loud movie for pimply-faced teenagers as well as the number of total yards Joe McKnight will eclipse on Saturday.
19: Years Matt Barkley has lived. He celebrated his birthday this past Tuesday.
20: Average number of teeth that Buckeye fans have (this was generous number so grin and bear it Buckeye fan, no pun intended)
7: The number of points USC is favored by in a hostile road environment

I hope we kick Ohio State “in the can.”


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  1. Nice article Freer. Well said. Still not sure why the Tings ever saw the field that game. Don’t think they ever did prior to that.

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