TrojanWire Thoughts of the Day: 9-18-09

eg 918.JPG
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

Defense wins championships. It’s a cliché that you have heard over and over. The reason you hear it so much is because it is true. The 4th quarter 86 yard drive by the Trojans was amazing, but the defense won the game last Saturday.

After an average first quarter (USC gave up 148 yards and allowed five first downs), the Trojans’ defense dominated the rest of the game. For the final three quarters Ohio State was held to 117 yards (3.3 yards per play) and five first downs. Four different times the Buckeyes went three-and-out.

The Buckeyes killed USC in the kicking game and field position battle. Four of Ohio States drives started in USC territory. On those four drives the Trojans forced two punts and only allowed 6 points. For a supposedly “young” defense, the Trojans showed maturity and stayed cool under pressure.

I have been very impressed with how disciplined the defense plays. A performance like that gives your D an identity. It gives them confidence that on goal line stands or 3rd and short they can stop anyone. This is a going to be a fun group to watch this year.

I love Nike. Growing up if you were a fan of Bo Jackson or Michael Jordan (or any other superstar) Nike was and still is the shit. Reebok is lame and for Dan and Dave fans. L.A. Gear sucked and was for Karl Malone fans (Remember the Catapult? If you wore those, you were mocked on the playground). For some reason Nike decided to make USC gear in putrid FUCLA Bruins colors. Click here to join the facebook group that dares to ask the question…Why Nike? Why?

sc ucla 915.jpg
It is burning my eyes.

One more photo of Bruin/Trojan gear and more titillating thoughts of the day after the jump….

ucla sc 915a.jpg
Anyone that wears this deserves to get punched

If I had to bet, I would put my money on Aaron Corp to start at QB this week. You got to love having depth. Corp has been in the system for three years. He can play. His senior year of high school he won the Glenn Davis Award that is given to the best Southern California high school player.

Hollywood remakes crappy cartoons all the time. Why not this one?

Savagery, Super Science and Sorcery. Fuck Yeah! Thundarr is bad ass.

I watched Three Amigos last night. That movie is seriously underrated and very funny. I laughed every scene. Watching Chevy Chase try to eat a taco and then ask if they had anything other than Mexican food killed me. I also learned that just like El Guapo, Taylor Mays has a plethora of piñatas. To learn more facts about Taylor Mays click here.

Stafon Johnson is “the closer.”

sj 918b.jpg
(Photo of Stafon Johnson closing brought to you by TrojanWire)

Jay Leno bugs (don’t worry Leno is not in one scene of this video), but this is funny:

The Dan Band rocks.

Game Balls this week go to Everson Griffen and Kristofer O’dowd. Griffen had six tackles and a big time sack. With the Buckeyes driving for a game winning score, his late sack of Terrelle Pryor forced a punt. If he doesn’t sack Pryor the Trojans lose. Griffen is becoming the superstar we all knew he could be. O’dowd who missed the first game of the year with a dislocated knee cap helped the Trojans convert 1st downs on 4 QB sneaks. Having an All American center comes in handy.

TrojanWire has to recognize the life and sad death of Patrick Swayze. Swayze will live on forever with his great performances in The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Youngblood, Roadhouse, Point Break and Donnie Darko.

What do you do when someone calls you a cock sucker? Swayze says, BE NICE. It’s two nouns combined to illicit a prescribed response. Be nice until it’s time to not be nice. And how do you know when not to be nice? Swayze will let you know. Follow his lead. Road House is amazing. Here is the best scene:


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