TrojanWire Thoughts of the Day: 9-25-09

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The panicking and second guessing of the coaches needs to stop. Pete is the man, let him lead the team. The Trojans are reloading, but they will still compete in every game. Even if you have the most experienced QB behind center, which the Trojans do not have, when you fumble on three potential scoring drives, throw an interception and commit stupid penalties you will lose no matter how better you are than the other team.

The silver lining of this year so far is the DEFENSE. They are playing superb football. They lost last week but were on the field the majority of the game (Washington time of possession 34:11). The stats don’t lie. Going into this week USC is ranked 5th in the nation in rushing defense only allowing 51 yards per game and 1.63 yards per rush. USC has not allowed a passing TD and only given up two rushing TDs. Per game the defense is averaging 10 tackles for a loss, 226 total yards and 11.3 points. These stats might even be better if Taylor Mays was on the field last week.

Ben Malcolmson wrote yesterday that, “Taylor Mays will most likely start Saturday’s game,” and Coach Carroll said, “He’s ready to play.”

Speaking of Taylor Mays, did you know that Disneyland is making a Taylor Mays ride. Outside the ride there’s a sign that says, “You must be this bad-ass to ride this ride,” next to a picture of Taylor Mays. No one will ever ride this ride…. For more Taylor Mays “facts” click here.

The Cowboys built a new stadium in Dallas. The seven story HD scoreboard that hangs over the field is cool, but not as cool as the “cages” they built for their cheerleaders to dance in, booyah!

More awesomeness after the jump….OH YEAH!

A Japanese TV show, a French bulldog dressed in people’s clothes and a slide, I can watch this over and over and over.

Last week Aaron Corp threw for 110 yards. That is the lowest total passing yards in a game since Coach Carroll has been at USC. Ouch.

I encourage all the female Trojans’ fans to come up with some witty T-Shirt ideas like this Florida Gator/Tim Tebow fan did.

ff 925.jpg
T-Bone Me, Just Not in the End Zone.

If you are not into silk screening, try body painting.

as 925.jpg

Click here for a nice gallery of body painted fans.

By the Numbers:

8: times that Washington State has ever beat USC. The Trojans lead the series 56-8-4.

69: points the Trojans scored on Washington State last year and a number you should never, under any circumstances tattoo on your body. Even if it is in a sweet yin and yang design. Other things that should not tattoo on yourself: Barbed Wire, The Tasmanian Devil or Marvin the Martian wearing your favorite teams jersey, a dolphin (that means you’re crazy) and anything on the small of your back if you’re a dude. If you’re a girl it’s ok, it just means you’re a risk taker.

40: consecutive starts Taylor Mays had at USC before missing last weeks game against the Huskies.

1:1: ratio of passes completed by Aaron Corp on Saturday to beers he drank on Saturday night on 28th Street.

23: percentage of 3rd downs the Trojans have converted this year. This is a number that needs to improve. The Trojans were 0-10 last week.

4: sacks by redshirt freshman Nick Perry in a limited number of plays on the field this season. Here is another 4…

4: ranking of Houston Nutt’s team when they lost to the Cocks on Thursday night.

0: number of people who aren’t slightly titillated by that last sentence.

2: total number of TD passes the Trojans have thrown this year. Rhett Ellison and DJ Shoemate were the recipients and both came against SJSU.

19: age Michael Jordan probably was in this shot.

7.4: yards Joe McKnight is averaging per carry.

9: number of games the Trojans have left. Stop freaking out, the season is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.


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  1. I was wondering if you know the USC practice schedule for this week. I live in San
    Diego so coming up is a small commitment that I don’t want to mess up.



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