Thoughts of the Day: 10-16-09

tmays nd week.jpg
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

The summer is over and fall is officially upon us. That means football is in full swing. Teams have had a few weeks to figure out their identities. Now it’s time to find out which teams are for real and which teams are fakers.

The Trojans face another road test this week, the hated Notre Dame. Many questions will be answered after this game. Is Jimmy Clausen a Heisman candidate? Is this years Trojans defense better than last years? Will the USC offensive line eliminate mental mistakes and finally be the dominate force we have expected it to be all year? (I am not taking anything away from the O-Line they have performed superbly all year. They are the best in the country. The only thing holding them back this season has been penalties.) Did Notre Dame grow their grass out again to slow down the speed of the Trojans? (If they did they should be flagged 10 yards for unnecessary gayness.) Will Joe McKnight achieve greatness and take full advantage of the opportunity to be the main man in the Trojans back field? Does NBC have a camera lens wide enough to get a full body shot of Charlie Weis?

We will have to wait until Saturday afternoon to learn the answers. One thing is for sure, I despise everything about Notre Dame. I have extreme dislike for the school, their head coach and their fans. But the older I get, the nicer I get. A few years ago I would have taken this opportunity to bash Jimmy Clausen and call him every name in the book. I am past that stage in my life. I am more mature. I drink sparkling water now, I have many leather-bound books and my home smells of rich mahogany. I am sure Clausen is a good guy with a bad haircut. But, if you want to get extra fired up to root against Clausen, here is a picture of him disrespecting the Spirit of Troy, the greatest marching band in the history of the universe, before last years game. Shame on you Jimmy, shame on you.

JC totd 1016.jpg
(Did you know last year Clausen was 11-22 for 41 yards and 2 INTs vs. SC?)

Taylor Mays is back! He had a game changing interception against CAL and led the Trojans with 10 tackles. He chased down former Heisman candidate Jahvid Best from behind, preventing him from gaining a first down. That tackle proved Mays is the fastest man on the field. He looks like a D-Lineman playing free safety. I get excited just typing his name. Look for him to decapitate a few Notre Dame players on Saturday.

Also did you know that there is a reason you don’t hear about Bird Flu or SARS anymore. The reason is Taylor Mays. Swine Flu your f*cking next. For more Taylor Mays facts click here.

More thoughts of the day after the jump…

Before the season started everyone knew that the Trojans have a brutal road schedule. Going into this game Notre Dame is ranked for the first time in a long time against the Trojans. That is a good thing because Pete Carroll is 12-1 in his last 13 road games against ranked opponents. Let keep that winning streak alive.

I am a big fan of Mad Men on AMC. Mainly because of Betty Draper, errrr January Jones. In the most recent issue of GQ she talks about Halloween costumes. This year she says she might go as Troy Polamalu. She says,

“I’ll get the wig. Put on some bronzer. And I’ll just cross myself all night.”

What that means, I don’t know. But who cares, check her out. Fight On Betty Draper!

BD 1016 totd.jpg
(Photo by Terry Richardson)

To read the full article about January and to see more spectacular photos of her click here.

Everyone is talking about the Notre Dame offense. I haven’t heard much about the Trojans defense. Here are some stats so you can sound like the smartest guy/gal on Saturday when you watch the game with friends and family:

The Trojans D is holding teams to 8.6 points (4th in the nation) and 238.6 total yards per game (6th in the nation). No opponent has rushed for more than 100 yards against the Trojans this year. Teams are averaging 64.8 rushing yards per game (5th in the nation) and only 2.0 yards per rush. In five games, the Trojans have only allowed three rushing touchdowns. The Trojans have not allowed a passing TD this year. They are the only team in the country to not give up a passing TD. Opponents are only converting 29.5% of their third-down attempts against USC. USC has sacked the opposing quarterback 21 times this year (1st in the nation). In the past two games the Trojans have 11 sacks.

malik jackson totd102.jpg
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

Do those stats make your head hurt? Take a break and enjoy Gisele Bündchen dancing.

Chris Galippo thought about going to Notre Dame. He even went to South Bend on a recruiting trip. On that trip Charlie Weis did not talk to him or shake his hand. When Galippo got back to California, he committed to USC. Thanks Charlie!

How good has Galippo been this year? He leads the team with 32 tackles. He has five tackles for a loss, an interception and four pass breakups (three of them came against CAL last week).

cg totd 1016.jpg
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

USC has beat Notre Dame seven years in a row. The average score in those seven wins is 40.6 – 13.6. This is how many points USC has beaten ND by in those victories 31, 31, 31, 3, 20, 38, and 35. The only time Pete Carroll has lost to Notre Dame was in 2001. He lost to the Irish by 11 points. That is Pete’s only double digit loss at USC.

If you like Marissa Miller, click here.

maris miller totd 1016.jpg

I am happy to write that USC had a safe and uneventful flight to northern Indiana. That wasn’t the case in 2007 when the plane experienced extreme turbulence and scared the shit out the entire team and coaching staff. To read about the 2007 wild ride click here.

Happy 99th birthday John Wooden. You are a mentor to the greatest coach in college football and your teachings helped establish the philosophy of the USC football program:

“We want to do things better than they have ever been done before.”

Coach Carroll wrote a nice piece about Wooden on his birthday. To read it click here.

The final thought of the day, summer might be over, but it lives on forever in Gunther’s video Tutti Frutti Summer Love. Amazing…

Have a great weekend, fight on and beat the Irish!


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