2009 First BCS Rankings Released


The computers aren’t exactly in love with USC yet — ranking them 11th. Both human polls (USA Today and Harris) rank USC 4th, enough to keep the Trojans ahead of TCU, but not Boise State, Cincinnati, and Iowa.

1 Florida (6-0)
2 Alabama (7-0)
3 Texas (6-0)
4 Boise State (are…)
5 Cincinnati (you…)
6 Iowa (kidding…)
7 USC (6-1)
8 TCU (6-0)
9 LSU (5-1)
10 Miami (5-1)

USC is the top-ranked 1-loss team. Oregon (5-1) falls just one spot outside the top-10 even with a better computer ranking than the Trojans. Because the computers almost like Arizona (4-2) as much as USC, the Cats land the 22nd spot, despite being ranked 37th and 40th in the Harris and USA Today. If they can hold or improve that spot, it should be a quality opponent for USC to end its schedule with.

If USC wins out and gets hosed, you can bet your ass we’ll be doing a second run on the BCS: Beyond Common Sense shirts.

2009 Week 1 BCS Standings

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

0 thoughts on “2009 First BCS Rankings Released

  1. USC should be ranked no better than 7th. They are 4th in the Harris poll because of their storied past, not what they’ve accomplished on the field. Their quality wins were very tight games against teams that are currently outside the top 25; and there one loss was against a team outside the top 25 as well! Anyone who expects this team to be ranked any higher than 7th at this point must be a homer. The Pack10 needs to improve, expand to 12 schools (Utah and BYU) and have a conference championship game if USC or any one loss Pac10(12) team expects to be in the BCS Championship game.

  2. the quality wins came when those teams were inside the top 25 and those wins were on the road in hostile environments. the loss to wash came at the beg of the year, with out their starting Qb and all american safety. anyone that thinks that Iowa, Cincinnati or boise st. are better than SC is dillusional. the fact is a computer should not determine the bcs standings. bc every year the SEC is going to be considered the best conf. even though FLA has never played a worthy opponent outside the south this decade. lets just keep putting the winner of the SEC in the BCS champ game, every year. and tell the pac 10 they are inferior. based on what? i am 98% sure that the BCS computer is actually Number 5 from Short Circuit

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