SEC Fans Agree: Pac-10 > SEC In 2009

From the mouth of an SEC fan (Everyday Should Be Saturday and SB Nation’s Spencer Hall), a little respect for the Pac-10:

Q is for Quorum. The minimum number of people needed to seat a body of oversight, or what is lacked across the board in the SEC right now in terms of quality teams. Talent abounds, but turnover has taken a hard bite out of the coaching ranks and talent pool, leaving the SEC in a state of flux. Even Alabama and Florida, the titans of the league right now, clearly have serious issues resulting from the loss of offensive players to the draft and graduation. I am as blatant an SEC homer as exists, but this year there are other conferences putting together a more complete menu in terms of teams with depth and cohesion. That conference, for the moment, is the Pac-10. Now I’m going to hide in a bombproof bunker and wait for a while until I hear the bombshells stop landing.

The gravity of those words cannot be understated, especially when you consider that he may get banished from the South permanently for committing such words to paper/screen. People who actually watch football know what’s up — after a rough 2008, the Pac-10 is where it’s at in 2009.

Except, of course, for lowly Wazzu and UCLA. Those guys are still terrible.

The Alphabetical, Week 8: Admitting That The Pac-10 Is Better Is The First Step [SB Nation]

Kyle Bunch

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