Stafon Johnson Whispers His First Words

sj 1116.jpg
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

One good thing that came out of this weekend is that Stafon Johnson spoke for the first time since his horrific weight room accident.

Johnson repeated the same words that his late grandfather said to him before he died:

“God has a plan. Run, Stafon, run.”

It has only been three months since Johnson crushed his throat while bench pressing before practice, but along with speaking in a soft voice, Johnson can also eat solid food and swallow. Johnson no longer has a feeding tube in his stomach or tracheostomy tube in his throat, both have been removed.

Dr. Ryan Osborne said of his recovery:

“Due to a gladiator-type mentality toward his outcome … he has regained the ability to swallow.”

Keep fighting on Stafon and we will keep you in our prayers.

USC’s Stafon Johnson: ‘God has a plan’ [espn]


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