Will Ferrell And Friends For A Better LA

wf 1120.bmp

On February 20th at the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live, Will Ferrell and friends will be putting on a comedy show to benefit Coach Carroll’s charity A Better LA.

Click here for more info.

wf hk 1120p.jpg
(Photo by Andrew Macpherson/SI)

Many more photos of Will and Heidi Klum after the jump…

An Evening of Comedy with Will Ferrell and Friends [ticketmaster]
A Better LA [abetterla.org]

wf hk 1120.jpg

wf hk 1120f.jpg

wf hk 1120g.jpg

wf hk 1120h.jpg

wf hk 1120i.jpg

wf hk 1120a.jpg

wf hk 1120b.jpg

wf hk 1120c.jpg

wf hk 1120d.jpg

wf hk 1120e.jpg

wf hk 1120j.jpg

wf hk 1120k.jpg

wf hk 1120l.jpg

wf hk 1120m.jpg

wf hk 1120n.jpg

wf hk 1120o.jpg

wf hk 1120q.jpg

wf hk 1120r.jpg

wf hk 1120s.jpg

wf hk 1120t.jpg

(All Photos by Andrew Macpherson/SI)


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