Oregon Cheerleader Hospitalized

(Photo by Darris Hurst/245 Media)

Oregon cheerleader, Katelynn Johnson, was hospitalized on Saturday after being struck in the head by a water bottle thrown onto the field following Oregon’s overtime win in Arizona. Johnson fainted and was carted off the field on a stretcher. She was then taken to a local hospital where it was determined that she suffered a concussion but will be OK. Here is what happened to Katelynn in her own words:

“We were cheering the team off the field when I got hit in the head by something. My head hurt but I remember a police officer yelling at us to grab our belongings and run to the middle of the field. We were somewhat in the field when I looked at a fellow cheerleader and he asked if I was OK… That was it. The next thing I remember is my best friend [Amanda Pflugrad] talking on the phone over me in the hospital. The entire rest of the trip was a blur, but my parents picked me up at the airport and I am headed towards full recovery. I am doing much better and cannot wait to get back out on the field and the court.

“I have had many positive and uplifting letters, e-mails, facebook notes, texts and phone calls that have only encouraged me to get well as fast as I can so I can begin to do what I love. I am not mad at the Arizona fans, cheerleaders, football team or the school. In fact, I have been getting a lot of apologetic letters from them. I think this is just an eye opener to both schools. The safety of players, faculty, staff and fans of any opposing team is very important and we need to do a better job to facilitate that. “

We are all happy that Katelynn Johnson survived this horrific ordeal. Death by water bottle would have been a terrible way to go.

(Photo by Darris Hurst/245 Media)

Lots of pictures of Katelynn after the jump…

Ducks cheerleader injured by water bottle [oregonlive]
Cheerleader of the Week: Oregon’s Katelynn [cnnsi.com]

(Photo by Darris Hurst/245 Media)

(Photo by Darris Hurst/245 Media)

(Photo by Darris Hurst/245 Media)

(Photo by Peter Schlitt)

(Photo by Peter Schlitt)

(Photo: Ben Pigao/13bdesign.com)

(Photo: Ben Pigao/13bdesign.com)


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