Stanley Havili Will Be Back

sh 12409.JPG
(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

The junior fullback says the he will return to USC for his senior season. Havili told the Los Angeles Times:

“I need to come back. I have a lot of developing to do. I need to show parts of my game that I haven’t been able to show yet. I want to come back and win. I came here to win.”

Trojans’ Stanley Havili says he’ll be back [LAT]


One thought on “Stanley Havili Will Be Back

  1. Why? Just go pro or go on your mission as you claimed you were going to do when you committed. It’ll be better than throwing away your senior season with the horrible coaching that put MB in place for the season.

    Besides…you’ll just fumble away the season like you normally do.

    DJ Shoemate…tell Havili to leave!

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