He’s Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

lane kiffin - wife.jpg

Scott Wolf and ESPN both reporting Lane Kiffin (and his wife Layla, both pictured above) will return to Southern California so that Lane can assume the role of USC’s next head coach.

Details to follow, but one would assume that Monte Kiffin and Ed Orgeron, both on Lane’s Tennessee’s staff, will join him in returning to Heritage Hall.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

0 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

  1. This guy just flat out sucks! Yeah, you can write it off as sour grapes from a Tennessee alum, but watch your backs, USC. The first opportunity he gets to bolt for the NFL, he’ll do it. Tennessee hires the guy after he strikes out in Oakland, doing him a huge favor, and he repays it this way? Leave in less than a year?

    Kiffin totally lacks class. And USC pullling this after feeling like they’ve be done wrong by Carroll? It doesn’t show much more class from USC.

    Best of luck, Trojans. You’ll need it.

  2. OMG I thought we got rid of this clown. This was the genius behind the no i formation 4th and 2 that cost USC the rose bowl. So many better options and they chose this one. Here’s to the coach after Kiffin.

  3. Yeah, he’s the clown that lost the Nat. Championship for us…forget that Reggie tried to lateral on like the 3rd play of the game and fumbled or the fact that not one linebacker could make a tackle on Vince Young or Vince Young himself racked up like 400 yrds by himself…and who cares if he screwed Tennessee…ITS TENNESSEE!!! The bottom line is the old staff is back from all those glory days of winning national championships and getting more 400 yrds on offense and the addition of Monte’s cover 2 will mean more picks, less yards from opponents, and bigger hits…WERE BACK!!! FIGHT ON!!!

  4. Thanks USC for giving the Irish a break…Finally! After several years (more then a decade) of disappointment, you and your alumni have opened the door for the Irish to finally overcome the USC Jinx! You hired a bum, who has never had the chance to be held accountable for his inability to produce results. He comes, talks trash, and does not back it up! Unlike Pete, who showed up, talked trash, and owned pretty much everyone in his way over the past decade.

    We, IRISH NATION, thanks for hiring a 34 year old non-producer. We all know these people. Maybe the “ignorant teacher’s pet next to you in class,” or the “below average person at work” that your boss loves for some odd reason! He is one of them – and we thank you so much for hiring a bum finally! We have been thru 3 of them over the last decade!

  5. yes, lane kiffin has been a douche bag since he left usc but the staff from the glory days are back!!!! orgeron, kiffin and chow won 2 nc’s together and adding monte kiffin will bring us another on next year!!! FIGHT ON!

  6. I am psyched about this news announcement because it means that my chances of making out with Mrs. Kiffin must have gone up considerably!!

  7. ok irish, now all of a sudden, with Carroll gone and with you firing Charlie Fat (the guy who irish eyes were drooling all over a couple of years ago but now is a bum) and hiring Kelly (who succeeded at Cincinatti a second rate big east school) you have a chance…remember, YOURE NOTRE LAME!!! You still have the same players (minus the good ones like clausen and golden taint) and youre playing at the coliseum this year, and we’re bringing back the coaching staff that won multiple national championships, produced 3 heisman winners and dominated you for 8 years…good luck…FIGHT ON!!!

  8. You all know what a shitty job hes going to do coaching right….Let him find another other somewhere and the opportunity to taking daddy and coach O along and hes out your door….You miserable excuse for a coach….

  9. You all know what a shitty job hes going to do coaching right???….Let him find another position somewhere and the opportunity to daddy and coach O along and hes out your door….come on look at his past experience….You miserable excuse for a coach….

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