Scroggins and Prater Pleased With Kiffin Hire

JS 13110.JPG
(Photo of Jesse Scroggins by Icon Sports Media)

Lakewood, quarterback Jesse Scroggins is on board. His father told USA Today’s Jim Halley:

“Tennessee and USC were in his final three when had to make a difficult decision back in August. I sort of have the almost-perfect marriage. The only thing that would have been more perfect would be if Pete Carroll was still coaching too. Because the offenses are so similar, those were in our final three, along with Florida. Lane wanted us so bad and Pete wanted us so bad. Both of them said Jesse was perfect for their offense. Lane’s offense is similar, just a little bit more up-tempo and it’s just perfect for Jesse. We love Lane Kiffin, we love Monte, we definitely love Ed Orgeron, but we get to stay home.”

KP 101310.JPG
(Photo of Kyle Prater by Icon Sports Media)

Wide receiver Kyle Prater told ESPN:

“I’m 100 percent committed to USC and will be enrolling next week.”

And now a is reporting that Ed Orgeron is contacting UT recruits that were set to enroll in classes today and encouraging them not to so that they can enroll at SC. Whether there is any truth to this, who knows. We will have to wait until signing day to see if we can actually rip any recruits from the Vols.

Sources say Orgeron telling UT enrollees not to go to class [govolsxtra]
Southern Cal recruits happy with hiring of Kiffin [usatoday]
Prater, Scroggins sticking with USC [espn]


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