Seantrel Henderson’s Recruitment

seantrel_henderson 2410.jpg
(Photo by Danny Wild/

Here is a play by play of Seantrel Henderson’s decision to come to USC from Kevin Armstrong at One thing we learned from this article is that Ed Orgeron thinks Sandra Bullock is hot:

Enthusiastic wooing came from ace USC recruiter Ed Orgeron as well. Henderson, who saw The Blind Side with his girlfriend on Thanksgiving and has been compared to the movie’s star, Michael Oher of the Baltimore Ravens, for his size and backstory, recognized Orgeron’s distinct Cajun voice from the movie. Orgeron had landed Oher while head coach at Ole Miss.

“He’s gonna kill me for saying this, but he was telling me about being on the set of The Blind Side and how hot Sandra Bullock was,” Henderson said. “When she hugged him at the end of the shoot, he said he just held onto her.”

To read the full story, click here.

Inside the recruitment of Seantrel Henderson []


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