Is Mark Sanchez Dating Kristin Cavallari?

kc2 2910.jpg

The New York Daily news is “reporting” that Sanchez is dating the Hills actress Kristin Cavallari.

Our snowbird spy says the quarterback had lots of ladies fawning over him at a Maxim bash at the Raleigh Hotel on Saturday, but Sanchez had eyes for only one gal: “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari.

“He was definitely all about Kristin,” the source dishes. “They even left together at the end of the night.”

I guess it’s true if dating mean leaving a party with someone. Anyway, who cares, tons of Cavallari photos after the jump….

kc 2910.jpg

Keep it up Sanchez. You are making us proud.

Sanchez makes pass at ‘The Hills’ star Cavallari [nydailynews]

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kc9 2910.jpg

kc10 2910.jpg

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