Is the Pac-10 Looking to Add Colorado and Utah?

Larry ScottPacific 10 commissioner Larry Scott is "very seriously" looking at expansion in the next 12 months, and as the Wiz wrote back in 2006, the two universities at the top the league's list are likely to be Colorado and Utah.

"Realistically, if we are going to consider this in the foreseeable future, it really is in the next 12 months,'' Scott said during a conference call Tuesday to discuss the hiring of Kevin Weiberg as deputy commish.

The reason for the urgency is that the Pac-10's existing TV deals expire in 2012. Scott would like to get expansion completed before finalizing new TV arrangements, which could include the creation of a Pac-10 network.

Adding two teams would allow the Pac-10 to split into two divisions and add a championship game in football.

Colorado and Utah would join the North Division, which would also include Washington, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State.

The South Division would have California, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Arizona and Arizona State.

Such an arrangement would preserve rivalries and travel partnerships. It would also secure the Denver and Salt Lake City television markets. Outside of San Diego, Las Vegas and Albuquerque, the league would have representation in every major TV market in the West.

While Scott said no school has been approached about possibly joining the league and that the process is at an early stage, Colorado and Utah best fit the league's academic requirements.

Utah would get the nod over Brigham Young because it is a research institution with a medical school. BYU's religious linkage and refusal to play on Sundays would also be problematic.

Thanks to Image of Sport.

Kyle Bunch

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