Getting To Know Coach O

The O.C. Register sat down for a two part interview with USC’s defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron.

When asked why he decided to come back to USC with Coach Lane Kiffin, Orgeron responded:

We feel that USC is the best job in the country. I always felt that way. No doubt about it. I was here when Coach Carroll was hired. Lane and I were on the ground floor with Coach Carroll. We feel like USC is a very powerful place. You’re in the hotbed of recruiting. It’s a private institution. The weather, the people, the support, the tradition. I’ve never been to another university as powerful as USC. Nothing has ever come close.

Click on the links for Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview. And please enjoy this old commercial with Coach O from his head coaching days at Ole Miss.

Talking recruiting, and other stuff, with Ed Orgeron (Part 1) [ocregister]
Talking recruiting, and other stuff, with Ed Orgeron (Part 2) [ocregister]


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