I found this post and response particularly interesting; it started with a lament from Jay Parkinson, who’s been helping to lead a wave of innovation in healthcare and some have even called The Doctor of the Future; it was followed a mea culpa from the guy who wrote the software Parkinson used to author his original statement:

“This is one of my big problems with the tech community. Many very smart people are devoting all of their energy to selling us ads and more stuff in new ways. Meanwhile, there are these huge issues that, if solved, would lead to a much happier world.” – Jay Parkinson

Our corner of the tech industry makes it really easy to feel great about dedicating years of your life to blogging software. Meanwhile, Dean Kamen hasn’t been mentioned once on TechCrunch.

While I like to (and do) believe my work will make some people on this planet happier, I hope I have the privilege to work on some meaningful projects in Medicine or Education before I’m dead.

I don’t think I’m smart enough, frankly.

David Karp, creator/founder of Tumblr

Is Parkinson right? When you look at the opportunity costs and what the energy of smart people could do, are great minds being wasted in the tech community today in the pursuit of selling ads?

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Kyle Bunch

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