Bush Settles Lawsuit With Lake

Yahoo Sports reported late last night that Reggie Bush settled his civil lawsuit with Lloyd Lake. Because of the settlement, Bush will not have to sit for a court-ordered deposition that was scheduled for Friday.

The amount of the settlement was not reported.

This move appears to be the smartest thing Bush has done since he left USC.

Settlement reached in Bush civil case
Report: Bush, Lake settle lawsuit [espn]


0 thoughts on “Bush Settles Lawsuit With Lake

  1. And with that dies the hope of all USC haters that a severe penalty/fine/sanctions/victory forfeitures will be coming down from the NCAA.

    Lake probably did NOT say a peep to the NCAA or else he would have not received this settlement.


  2. Yes oooooooo yes there is a football god fight on TROJANS lol. To all you sec and fucla fans haters that wished bad on the trojans. take that one to the jaw.

  3. A couple things to think about. (1) Just because Reggie settled, and the NCAA will likely never see any details regarding settlement negotiations, doesn’t mean USC still can’t be sanctioned, lose wins or otherwise. It just means they won’t have as much supporting evidence. Just like the commish did to Big Ben, Reggie Bush doesn’t need to be convicted of an infraction for the NCAA to rule against USC. Just like Big Ben, there still might be a pattern of abuse by the school, enough to draw fire from the NCAA.

    (2) However, just because Bush settled doesn’t necessarily mean he’s guilty. People settle suits for many reasons including: keeping attorneys fees low, to end the trouble once and for all, to keep the suit from damaging public reputation. Now, I still believe Bush did do it. But I don’t believe the settlement itself is a good indicator of guilt.

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