Stafon is the new LenDale

With LenDale reunited with Carroll in Seattle, the Titans were left without a bruising back. They need some “Smash” to complement Chris Johnson’s “Dash”. Well, they may have just found it. Meet the Johnsons. In a supremely classy move, head coach Jeff Fisher has picked up Stafon Johnson in free agency.

Johnson, who had led the Trojans in touchdowns for two years in a row, was nearly killed in a weight lifting accident midway through last season. What would likely have been a fourth to fifth round pick, Johnson was brought to the brink of death. But he fought on, regaining his strength and never giving up his dream. Many said he would not be able to play again, but Johnson shocked us all when he declared himself eligible for the NFL draft. Now his dream is realized. And with LenDale out, Stafon Johnson has a real chance to win a spot on the roster, and play alongside fellow draftee, wide receiver Damian Williams.

We at TrojanWire applaud the Titans organization for making a gutsy move. We applaud Stafon Johnson for his strength. And with that, we will leave you with the first sentence Johnson spoke, a month after his accident:

His voice was raspy but strong enough. The words sounded painful, but Johnson only felt hoarse. Everyone hung on the second set of first words in Johnson’s life. He echoed the last words his late grandfather spoke to him. “God has a plan,” Johnson said. “Run, Stafon, run.”


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