Headlinin’: Notre Dame wakes up the Freekbass singing her name

Making the morning rounds.

The new Notre Dame hype video undermines everything Notre Dame claims to hold dear. Whatever pretense Notre Dame ever had to possessing some kind of unique, dignified otherness that set it apart from the craven secularists of college football has been completely and utterly destroyed forever by a guy named "Freekbass" pretending to play guitar and what appears to be a rapping hobbit who majors in library sciences:

YouTube comments: Disabled. Black people associated with this "hip" marketing campaign: Negative five. Irish Guard cloggers: On suicide watch. The Irish are now aesthetically obligated to join the "Hang Time" Division of the TNBC Conference circa 1996. [ND.edu, via EDSBS]

Thou shalt not prowl. The NCAA’s Board of Directors finalized legislation Thursday restricting more than two coaches from the same school from visiting a recruit on the same day, a move that may affect a few programs (Georgia’s been sending its coaches out en masse this spring) but is apparently aimed at thwarting the blingy "Tiger Prowl" antics – featuring the infamous stretch Hummer limousine – credited with helping Auburn land one of the top-ranked recruiting classes in the country last year. This year’s Tiger Prowl is decked out with a luxury bus, though coach Gene Chizik denied that Prowl events have any connection to recruiting: "Tiger Prowl is basically a fundraising event that we do in the evenings." Preferably with dozens of huge, fast kids standing around. [Athens Banner Herald, via Blutarsky]

In other legislative news, the board also recommended a new rule requiring player to pass nine credits in the fall or risk being suspended for at least four games the following season. It plans to introduce the proposal to the next circle of the apparatchik in August. [Birmingham News]

Well, OK, but next time get it in writing, huh? The Oregon attorney general completed its review of the unwritten arrangement that promised outgoing athletic director Mike Bellotti a $2.3 golden parachute on his way from Eugene to ESPN, finding not only that everything was completely legal, but that the amount paid to the longtime head coach/shortlived AD was "not unreasonable." (Orwellbot activate: "It was reasonable.") In the future, though, verbal contracts "create substantial legal risk for UO," so it should probably cut that stuff out. [Associated Press]

Quickly … As usual, John Feinstein does not acquit himself well when it comes to assessing the college football postseason, or anything related to college football that requires acknowledging developments over the last 30 years. … Tennessee has tapped Phil Fulmer as it commencement speaker at next month’s graduation ceremony, where he’s certain to get a warmer welcome than he ever did in his last five years as head coach. … Preview mag mainstay Athlon Sports, always on the cutting edge, will distribute a monthly magazine inside daily newspapers across the country. … Barry Larkin on telling Bo Schembechler you’re going to play baseball instead. … And Lane Kiffin has been quiet at USC – perhaps a little too quiet … (Hint: He’s been super focused on beating Danica Patrick.)

Kyle Bunch

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