Mark Sanchez on Petros and Money

Mark Sanchez joined the Petros and Money show this week and as always gave a very entertaining interview. They discussed his surgery, the Jets off-season moves, Joe McKnight, and even Jamie-Lynn Sigler.


Here is what he said when asked about being photographed with Sigler:

“Come on guys, you’re killing me! No, I met her at an event at the Tribeca Film Festival, and we were both compensated for being there and both happened to be at the same place. So they took all these pictures of us watching the video, kind of doing what we were supposed to do so it looked like we were awfully close. But yeah, she’s a sweetheart, we’ve hung out across New York. She’s a great girl but I mean she could probably do much better than me.”

To have a listen, click here.

Mark Sanchez was on PMS to talk about the offseason [PMS]


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