ASU Undie Run 2010



The annual end of the year undie run tradition continues. Here is the ASU verison, much better than the FUCLA version.



For more pics, click here.

Undie Running at Arizona State [friendsoftheprogram]


0 thoughts on “ASU Undie Run 2010

  1. In order of Appearance: I would. I would. I would. I would. I wouldn’t (dude). I would. I would. I would. I wouldn’t (she looks like a dude). I might if drunk. I would. I would.I probably wouldn’t. I probably would.

  2. this is why america is where it is today in the gutter . Rome is burning and its just a matter of time before it will be no longer at the top but realize we are on the bottom .
    Morality we have none . Don’t kid yourself we will pay for this behavior .Just look at society : man is getting worst and worst . Reality shows and Cable TV are a good indicator of the depravity of this nation . Woman are becoming like men and have no class, sexual tramps, divorce , abortion , STD’s, broken relationships , fake bodies . Men when they decide to get marry eventually what their choices are is nothing but used merchandise. Wake up both sexes . look in the mirror . you are sun devils that leads to hell . joke all you want but that is real reality and the final exam !
    You maybe like what you are doing now but there are consequences, College is not higher education …its nothing but an dumb down education.

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