Headlinin’: Their old SEC home is on Seminoles’ radar, just in case

Making the morning rounds.

Unconquered, but still open to a good deal. The possibility is still "remote" at this point, but the notion of joining an expanding SEC in the coming game of Conference Expansion Dominoes has at least crossed Florida State’s mind, according to coach Jimbo Fisher, who told reporters at the ACC’s annual spring meetings that athletic director Randy Spetman has asked him directly about making the leap if the opportunity arises. Fisher’s response: "I don’t have [an opinion]. Because you’re putting the cart before the horse." (You’d never make it as a blogger, Jimbo.) Recall that then-independent Florida State was once rumored to be the apple of the SEC’s eye during the league’s groundbreaking expansion push circa 1990, but opted for a decade of standing athwart the ACC instead. [Orlando Sentinel]

Elsewhere at the ACC meetings, commissioner John Swofford promised his conference "won’t be the aggressor" if schools begin defecting elsewhere, which may not help him much in the league’s ongoing negotiations for a new, all-important television contract. [Orlando Sentinel]

We never wanted to be here, anyway. The Big Red Network reminds you that there is no love lost between the Big 12 and Tom Osborne, who was forced to cede Big Eight supremacy and Nebraska’s traditional rivalry with Oklahoma to Texas – which, for the record, also rakes in more money from the unequal distribution of the conference kitty. Throw on the end of the Big 12 Championship Game, and it’s no wonder he seems more than willing to listen if/when the Big Ten comes calling. [Big Red Network]

Oh, I thought it was another Manning endorsement thing. The name "Colt" rose from the 909th most popular baby name in the U.S. in 2006 to the 370th most popular in 2009, directly corresponding with Colt McCoy’s career as Texas’ starting quarterback. I wonder if he’d had the same effect if he’d just gone by Daniel? (As far as we know, there is still only one other "Tebow," though that doesn’t include 95 percent of the dogs in a 100-mile radius of Gainesville.) [CNBC SportsBiz]

Where there’s smoke, there’s a possible season-long suspension. Notre Dame tight end Mike Ragone waived his right to silence and admitted two baggies of marijuana found in a passenger’s purse belonged to him during a Saturday morning traffic stop turned weed arrest and will be charged with possession, greatly increasing his chances of discipline from the university’s Office of Residence Life. That could amount to a semester-long suspension from the university that would keep Ragone off the field this fall, at great expense to ND’s tight end depth. [Associated Press, South Bend Tribune]

Sexy Kiffin update. Your best motive yet for voting for Lane Kiffin over soccer babe Heather Mitts in the Sweet 16 round of Esquire’s "Sexiest Woman Alive" bracket? He’s starting to get a little desperate:

Methinks thou dost protest too much, coach. Don’t worry. We read you loud and clear. See you in the Elite Eight, Tanith Belbin. [Esquire]

Quickly … Florida State is still looking to build an indoor practice complex, but hopes to shave five or ten million off the price tag. … The first preseason magazines will be hitting the shelves in a matter of days. … Finally, you can give yourself Derek Dooley’s hair. … And maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but this story probably did not need to be written.

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