Hot Water: USC’s 2010 Championship Water Polo Team

Welty Nadia Bri Twire.jpg
2010 National Champions Sarah Welty, Nadia Dan & Brianna Vogelzang (left to right)

Broad shoulders, mannish build, webbed fingers…not at USC. Forget everything you thought you knew about Women’s Water Polo players. These members of the 2010 National Championship team are Sirens of the Trojans’ Swim Stadium, luring the wary in with their seductress beauty then bashing their faces with a bright yellow ball.

Everyone who has played it knows water polo can be a dirty game under the surface. Wrestling, clawing, kicking…all while treading water. Well, just when you thought it was safe to go back in, these Trojan ladies have raised the temperature of the water to whole new levels.


[Left] The New Guard. High school teammates from Long Beach, redshirt Drivers Sarah Welty and Brianna Vogelzang were part of a talented 2009 recruiting class that included Sophomore Driver Nadia Dan and Two Meter player Kara-Leigh Huse.

[Right] Best T-Shirt Ever. Sarah Welty and Nadia Dan. Dan was a scoring force over the season, 8th overall on the team, scoring 20 goals in 14 games to help USC reach its 25-3 record.

Twire butts.jpg

Bottoms Up [Left to right according to Facebook’s Tag recognition software: Nadia Dan, Junior Two-Meter Kristen Dronberger and Kara-Leigh Huse.]

Dronberger scored seven goals in the final tournament, with two in USC’s 10-9 nail biter NCCA Championship win over Stanford. In addition to scoring 33 goals this season, including 10 multi-goal games, Dronberger was named to the NCAA All-Tournament First Team as well as named the USC Credit Union Student-Athlete of the week following the NCAA title.

Kara-Leigh Huse finished with 10 goals in 8 games, including one in the NCAA quarter-finals against Marist.

*Stats according to USC’s Athletics

**Photos from Facebook, 05/2009

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