NCAA: Open Season to Pick the Carcass

Another clarification today in just how bad the NCAA wants to screw USC. Prison screw.

The NCAA has clarified that it will currently allow other teams to contact USC juniors and seniors in attempts to recruit them away from the Trojans. Furthermore, it will allow the other teams to waive the typical transfer year of ineligibility so the players can get on the field THIS SEASON! That means Oregon could call Mitch Mustain today and offer him Masoli’s quarterback position with promise of immediate play. Don’t you think that would be enticing? What about CJ Gable and Marc Tyler? I wouldn’t be surprised if Gable wants to use his last year of eligibility to prove he’s NFL worthy, or if Tyler finally wants the chance to get the major playing time he wasn’t able to earn at USC.

This is no longer sanctions. It’s inhalation. Punishing this team for something another team did, and punishing the players for something that happened while most of them were in middle school. A special thanks to the parents of Reggie Bush, Denise and Lamar Griffin and of course to #5 himself. Your impact is still felt years after you’re gone.

It now comes down to NFL draft record, education, solidarity and the Trojan Family. Those four things are the only glue holding the Trojans together at this point. Don’t be surprised if the roster starts coming apart at the seams as summer wears on.

*Note: It seems those incoming recruits who already signed letters of intent and enrolled in Summer school still face the transfer year of ineligibility.


0 thoughts on “NCAA: Open Season to Pick the Carcass

  1. Oh, stop with the persecution complex already. Allowing student athletes to transfer without sitting out IF their current school is banned from postseason appearances for the rest of their career is standard practice with the NCAA. It’s not something they dreamed up just to hurt the poor widdle Trojans.

    And that’s why the sophs and incoming freshmen can’t bolt and play immediately elsewhere. They’ll be eligible for postseason play later in their careers. Assuming, of course, that Laney and Ed Ogre can avoid any more recruiting violations in the next two years. And don’t bet your surfboards on that miracle occurring.

  2. rockymountainvol,

    Go back to your cave. This is an SC website. Go envy Florida or Georgia or LSU or Auburn or….

  3. With what you Trojans are looking at the next few years, with the great Laney leading you down the rabbit hole, “envy” is definitely the wrong word choice.

    Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  4. Karma? Does karma also account for why the Vols have been SEC also-rans for the better part of a decade? Perhaps Phil Fulmer sold his soul to the Devil (down in Georgia, natch) for that one championship season back in the late ’90s, thus engendering his former program’s current bad karma, eh?

    I must say I don’t understand why so many TN fans continue to obsess about Kiffin if they truly were happy to be rid of him.

    For example, being a Washington Redskins fan, I remember when Norv Turner was finally and mercifully terminated as the team’s head coach, and the unanimous sentiment among fans was relief — relief that Turner was finally gone after 7 years of sub-.500 football against every team in the NFC East, including the lowly Phoenix Cardinals. When I later heard that Turner had been hired by the San Diego Chargers, I thought, “Well, he’s their problem now.” I didn’t go on Charger fan sites and talk shit to them about how much I hated Turner.

    Then again, my time is limited, and I try to not waste it on negativity and hatred.

  5. Kiffin wasn’t fired. He got a second chance at coaching, after screwing up in Oakland, and stabbed everybody in Knoxville in the back by bolting back to USC at about the worst moment imagineable.

    Now, seeing all that he did and all that he is capable of doing, you’re right: Tennessee is much better off without him. But that doesn’t mean it’s not just a little bit of fun to see Kiffin get his just deserts. And if you surfer dudes think that’s focusing on “negative vibes, man” so be it.

    Just don’t kid yourselves into believing that this whole mess is either a complete set-up of USC, or that Pete Carroll is solely responsible. Lane Kiffin was recruiting coordinator back then, wasn’t he? And he’s got Eddie the Ogre doing that for him now… and Ogre is sleazier than even Kiffin.

    Good luck ever getting out of this one, USC.

  6. “Surfer-dude”? I grew up in Las Vegas, where there are no beaches. Now given your ardor for the U. of TN, I could make an anti-Southerner crack about you prefering your sex-partners to be same-sex and to “squeal like pigs,” but I shall refrain from such tomfoolery. ;-P

    In addition, I’ve heard previously this “second chance” argument about Lane Kiffin from TN supporters, which begs the following questions.

    1. Are you guys still running a big-time CFB program out there, or a charity for those in need of, well, second chances?

    2. If Kiffin bolting TN after one year was so eeeeevil and perhaps even bordering on iiiiillegal, why did TN’s A.D. allow Kiffin the chance to do so by consenting to the buyout clause in Kiffin’s contract in the first place?

    It seems to me that TN was the desperate party here, desperate to have a coach — any coach! — even one who had “screwed up” the Raiders, who have long been a model franchise, yes (cue the laugh track), a coach who would bring with him Monte Kiffin, one of the all-time great defensive coordinators, and “Eddie the Ogre,” one of the best recruiters in CFB over the past decade. As for the latter’s supposed “sleaziness,” it’s clear that you haven’t read the NCAA’s report, wherein Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron are mentioned a grand total of 0 times.

    Lastly, putting aside your obvious schadenfreude, please tell us of all the wondrous things your current coach, Good Ol’ Coach Whatshisname, is doing to restore the luster to the Vols’ CFB program. I await your reply with bated breath. Perhaps I’ll even take in some boogieboarding to pass the time. 😉

  7. I wasn’t debating the relative statures of the USC and UT programs. USC clearly has had the better program (by far) over the last decade. You might even say USC has had the best football program money can buy.

    As for the appropriateness of what Laney did to UT, let me re-frame the issue for you: can you cite a similar coaching change ANYWHERE, where the guy bolts after one year on the job? That’s bush league stuff… or, should we say, Bush League stuff? We hired the wrong guy in Laney, and we’re extremely fortunate that we’re rid of him now. But again, that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a moment of gloating, thrilled to see that Laney got what he was due. If USC got caught in the crossfire, so be it, but it’s pretty apparent to everyone outside of the SoCal community (and some inside) that USC got what it deserved, too, both in the NCAA penalties AND the fact that you’ve got Laney coaching your team now. If you’re counting on Laney and Ogre to be good boys and toe the NCAA line, I’ve got a bridge you may be interested in purchasing.

    How many years do you think it’ll take Laney to win enough games to have a .500 career record? Will he even last long enough at USC to do so?

  8. Look, I am a die-hard USC fan, and it’s quite clear to me that Kiffin is a douche bag. He doesn’t even talk a very good game, and he’s obviously had his life handed to him on a platter. He’ll likely fall apart and not get back up from this mess. But we’ll see. He might have more resolve than I give him credit for. But he’ll still be a douche bag.

    And good for those seniors that they can transfer. It sucks for us. But I think that the ones that are starting will stay. Ones that haven’t cracked the line-up should have the opportunity to leave. How much injustice do you really want to see happen here?

  9. “How much injustice do you really want to see happen here?”

    Oh, I don’t really want to see USC pummelled to death.

    But… and I know it’s small of me… but I’d love to see Laney failing, getting fired, and then having to sweat out an interview for offensive coordinator at any large high school of your choosing! 🙂

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