USC Legends Ronnie Lott and Paul McDonald at Morton’s the Steakhouse

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Trojanwire’s Devon Pollard [right] attends ESPN’s Lunch with a Legend series yesterday at Morton’s the Steakhouse in downtown Los Angeles. 10x Pro Bowl & 4x Super Bowl Champion defensive back Ronnie Lott [left] and his teammate former USC All-American quarterback Paul McDonald were honored during the live radio broadcast.

Follow the jump to see more photos from the event as well as full audio coverage of the interview.

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It felt wrong. At noon USC was to be handed some of the worst sanctions in college football history, it was 11:30, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Maybe it was because I was sipping on a Fat Tire, eating a fresh Caesar Salad and waiting for my Filet Mignon…I think that took the edge off.

It was supposed to be a celebration of these two former teammates’ careers, of their old war stories, of their USC National Championship win. The NCAA did their best to try and somber the mood, but ESPN’s Andrew Siciliano masterfully countered, bringing up the 500 pound gorilla in the room, yet not letting it domineer the conversation.

USC Legend Paul McDonald, a Trojanwire reader, raises his V for victory at Morton’s the Steakhouse.

Paul and Ronnie spoke of underlying temptations plaguing collegiate athletics and how Reggie Bush ought to have handled the investigation as well as why the current Trojan players and commits should stay the course. Also discussed was the Pac-10 expansion with the recent addition of Colorado, as well as Paul McDonald’s glory in beating Joe Montana in the last seconds of the 1978 Notre Dame game. For the full ESPN audio pod cast click here.

Ronnie and little Joe.jpg
Ronnie Lott signs an autograph for little Joe McKnight.

When asked whether USC should hand over the BCS Trophy, for Ronnie it wasn’t even a question. Of course it should be given back. “Win with class, lose with class,” he said. The humility of this man was palpable. Which is surprising being that he is consistently named as one of if not the best safety of all time, with 63 interceptions for 730 return yards, five touchdowns and some of the hardest hits EVER.

For your delight, watch some of his highlights as a 49er below:

And I’ll leave you with a shot of my Double Chocolate Mousse. I had planned on taking more pictures of the delicious food, but I forgot and ate it all.

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If you want to try it for yourself, follow this link to Morton’s the Steakhouse official website



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