Sanchez and Sigler Sitting in a Tree

(Dave Allocca StarPix)

I am doing my best to ignore the death penalty the NCAA (the lamest organization on the planet) blasted on USC. Instead of reading SI and ESPN, I have turned to In Touch. In this weeks issue, they confirm that Mark Sanchez is dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler….OMG!

Here is what In Touch said about this new romance:

“Things have been going well. She’s just a sweetheart. We have our own commitments, and then when we get our own time together, it’s great,” the hunky football player told In Touch about the Sopranos actress.

Turtle must be pissed!

If you want to read a non celeb gossip story, here is a good one from Yahoo Sports about USC just saying “NO” to the NCAA.

Click here to read the article.

Just say ‘No,’ USC, just say ‘No’
Confirmed couple: Mark Sanchez and Jamie-Lynn Sigler [inTouch]


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