Texas Holdout: What the Hell to Do With the Pac-11?

The Pac-10’s invitation to six of the Big 12 teams was designed to bring in the powerhouse markets of Texas and Oklahoma. Everything seemed to go as planned with Colorado accepting the Pac-10’s invitation and Nebraska, likewise, accepting an invitation from the Big Ten. The Big 12 was as good as history, right? Wrong.

The University of Texas has screwed USC once again.

Texas declined the Pac-10’s offer yesterday, with the remaining Big-12 schools following step. The reason? Texas wanted to keep control over its local television contracts and thus higher guaranteed revenue. The Big-12 would allow Texas this control, the Pac-10 wouldn’t. This guarantees Texas an additional $25 million a year, with the other remaining schools projected to double their previous year’s earnings.

So what the hell to do with Colorado? Here’s a less than attractive answer: Utah. Yes, that’s right, Utah will be most likely be Colorado’s Pac-10 counter weight. I know, it’s like we tried to pick up the hot chick in a bar (Texas/Oklahoma) and we woke up the next morning with her ugly friend (Colorado) and her chubby cousin (Utah) .

So now the Big 12 is the new Big 10, and the Big Ten (which was really the Big Eleven) is the new Big Twelve and the Pac 10… it’s the Pac 11, at least for the foreseeable future.


0 thoughts on “Texas Holdout: What the Hell to Do With the Pac-11?

  1. Not sure this clown knows anything. The big 10 has been the big 11 for about a million years. They are now the big 12.

  2. Knew this would happen. Doesn’t it seem like this was all a rushed affair? It’s like they tried to put an expansion together, shaking up the whole landscape of college football in a week. This is why you have closed door negotiations and figure out terms before you jump in and do something stupid. You make sure Texas and Oklahoma are locks before inviting Colorado. Damn.

  3. I think this is great. Who the h@#$ needs Texas anyway. The whole purpose of this issue was to disable the Big 12’s influence on the BCS(EC), the losers of the last two BCS(EC) Championship games by reducing them out of the ability to play a championship game (a lot of extra points to the winner by the BCS(EC))with less than 12 teams. This has been done, and the PAC-10 has gained the 12th (if Utah comes-no brainer). SC can still be the monster of the league, but if Oregon, OSU, FUCLA and others improve, the PAC-10 should be poised to fill the slot just vacated by Texas/OK and their league children; competing with the BIG 10 (new Big 12)and they are a bunch of losers anyway.

    This is great-getting rid of the Big 12, and not having to wet nurse Texas in the process. Big win for SC.

  4. PAC 10 got the dregs. Texas has more money, control, and now an easier path to the national championship game by eliminanting a potentially dangerous conf champ game.

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