NCAA: Hawaii Game On!

Don’t go cancel those tickets and throw away those grass skirts just yet, the NCAA might just have a heart after all. Still an atrophied, black, rotting piece of thing, but a heart none the less. You see, wrapped up in USC’s probation was language that prohibited the Trojans from exploiting an NCAA rule that allows a team to play a 13th game so long as one of the games is in Hawaii. The probational Hawaii exclusion language was put into place after a sanctioned Alabama used the tropical loophole to schedule Hawaii trips despite the NCAA rulings against it.

But USC asserted the September 2nd season opener was scheduled long ago, dispelling the argument that the Trojans were trying to take advantage of the system and unduly reward its players. Furthermore, LA Times is reporting Jim Donovan, Hawaii’s athletic director, pushed for the game as well, saying cancellation would cost Hawaii more than one million dollars.

Aloha doesn’t mean goodbye this time! September 2nd you will see kick off scheduled as usual. The only question now is will you see CJ Gable, RoJo or Dillon Baxter at the other end? Game on, Trojans. Game on!


0 thoughts on “NCAA: Hawaii Game On!

  1. Woooooo babeeeeee!!!!
    We’re playin’ the Rainbow Warriors!

    Are you that desperate to get leid?

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