Coach O on Recruiting

EO 62210.jpg
(Photo of Ed Orgeron and Seantrel Henderson courtesy of Henderson family/Vincent Muzik)

With all the sanctions hammered on the Trojans, here is Coach Ed Orgeron’s sales pitch to potential recruits.

Why you should play football at USC according to Coach O:

“Here’s the deal. You’re going to play for a great university with a great tradition. That hasn’t changed. Next, you’re going to get a great education here. That, for sure, is never changing. Third thing is, you’re going to come here to be coached by a great staff. That’s there. The fourth thing is, you’re going to come here to play for a national-championship (caliber) football team. You’re still going to do that. You’re not going to come here for one game.”

“You’re only a freshman. As of right now, your first year, we cannot go to a bowl. That’s it. You may get redshirted, you may not. You may have three or four years to play for a national championship.”

USC recruiting: The gospel according to Coach O [OC Register]


0 thoughts on “Coach O on Recruiting

  1. More from Ogre:

    Once you get here, you’ll be coached by the best coachig staff money can buy… right up until we get an NFL offer, and then we’re outta here.

    You’ll get to see a middle-aged d-line coach rip his shirt off, Hulk style, to motivate young red-blooded American boys. You can even stare at my man boobs but, please, don’t touch; they’re extremely sensitive this time of year.

    Did I mention the sports car and all the Song Girls you can handle? You may even be able to keep the car after we’re hit with the NCAA “Death Penalty”. But the Song Girls are community property, so you can’t keep them… well, not permanently, I mean.

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