Erin Andrews in Vanity Fair

(Photo by Patrick Fraser/ Vanity Fair)

Erin Andrews is interviewed by George Wayne in this months issue of Vanity Fair.

Here are some highlights of that interview (keep in mind the interviewer/Wayne has a reputation for being “irreverent”) :

Wayne: You’ve got these long spindly legs. Did you have a nickname?

Andrews: My dad used to call me “the human pretzel” because I was able to bend my body, and because my legs are very long.

Wayne: Do you have man-size feet like Paris Hilton? You know, she can find shoes to fit her only in the “tranny” section of the shoe store.

Andrews: No, I wear a size-7 shoe, and I am five feet ten inches.

Wayne: What is the one thing you take when feeling constipated?

Andrews: Are you really going to write about that? I’m not going to comment on that. That is kind of weird and I don’t feel comfortable answering that question. I have gone through so much in the last year.

To read the full interview click here. To be visually stimulated click here and here.

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