Song Girl Monday: 7-5-2010

(Photo credit Tim Lutes/

(Photo credit Tim Lutes/

Because of the holiday we took yesterday off. So please enjoy a late edition of Song Girl Monday.

Have a great week!

(Photo credit Tim Lutes/

(Photo credit Tim Lutes/


0 thoughts on “Song Girl Monday: 7-5-2010

  1. Football? Remember?

    USC loses Seantrel Henderson, the supposed No. 1 player in the 2010 recruiting season AND one of USC’s top DEs, Malik Jackson, transfers to Tennessee.

    And you’re looking at Song Girl pictures?

  2. We let Henderson out of his commitment, but no news is official yet, he could still come to USC and if he doesn’t who cares. He has never played one down of college football and has been a pain in the ass from day 1. History has taught us that pains in the asses aren’t worth our time.

    Malik Jackson was buried on the depth chart and is not one of our top DE’s. We wish him well.

    Song girls are hot and make my junk feel funny.

  3. Jackson was in the 2-deep, and must have been good enough for Ogre to get all pissed about him leaving for Tennessee.

    Maybe your junk needs to be lubed, or just outright replaced?

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