2010 Pac-10 Media Day

(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

Lane Kiffin and Matt Barkley represented USC at the Rose Bowl today for Pac-10 media day. ESPN’s Ted Miller covered the event and here are some of the USC highlights:

Kiffin on transfers: “Our front-line players have stayed.” The Trojans are down to 71 scholarship players.

Said of D-line: “We feel like we’ve got seven guys who are special.”

Barkley on transfers: “Not as many guys were on the edge as you think.”

Kiffin on NCAA ruling allowing players to transfer: “We created free agency in college football.” Said players left to get more playing time.

While Barkley was talking about not being able to play for a national championship for the next couple of seasons, Kiffin piped in. “So are you announcing you will return for your senior season?” Barkley: “We’ll see.”

You can read a full recap of the day on the official Pac-10 web page by clicking here.

On stage … USC [espn]
Pac-10 Media Day Quotes [pac10]


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