Rick Reilly Defends Lane Kiffin

(Photo by Icon Sports Media)

ESPN’s Rick Reilly recently wrote an article in an attempt to defend Lane Kiffin from all the bad press he has received the past few years.

This is what Reilly wrote about the Titans’ lawsuit against Kiffin:

The lawsuit is phonier than Tori Spelling, of course. Pola, who played at USC and has a son who’s going to walk on there, was the only one legally obligated to ask permission, not Kiffin. It would’ve been nice for Kiffin to do it, “but not everybody asks the head coach first when they’re looking for an assistant,” Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh said Thursday.

OK, slightly poor form by Kiffin. Big whoop. Happens every day in football. The suit is just a ticket ploy. After all, what better way to sell Titans seats than letting everybody in Tennessee know how much the Titans hate Kiffin, like everybody else in the state? Kiffin bolted the head-coaching job at the University of Tennessee to come to USC in the first place. Maybe the ad slogan will be: “Come to the games and we can all hate him together!”

To check out the full article, click here.

Lane Kiffin: Rude or real? [espn]


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