Havili and Bryant Fight

(Photo of Matt Barkley and Stanley Havili by Icon Sports Media)

All-world fullback Stanley Havili and junior cornerback T.J. Bryant got into an altercation last week during a conditioning drill. Havili punched Bryant in the face after the two exchanged words during a relay race. Bryant had to undergo surgery on his left cheekbone.

According to sources, the fight began when Havili yelled at Bryant to finish the drill. Bryant then cursed at Havili. Havili ran about 30 yards and punched Bryant in the face.

Here is what Havili said about the fight:

“I feel terrible about it. We got into it. It was heated. We were all fired up and emotions were high. I let it get the best of me. I do regret it and feel bad about it. I spoke to T.J. and there are no hard feelings.”

Bryant is competing for a starting cornerback spot. He is expected to miss three to four weeks. There is no word on whether Coach Kiffin will suspend Havili.

USC cornerback Bryant undergoes surgery [dailynews]


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