USC football: Matt Barkley on Robert Woods, captaincy, comfort level, leadership

How far along is freshman receiver Robert Woods? How important is it for Matt Barkley to be one of USC’s captains?

The sophomore quarterback answers those questions and more in this Q&A:

(on projected starter Woods’ progress)

“He’ll be able to do a lot for us this year. He’s great with the ball in his hands. Really smart player. That’s the type of guys we need.”

(on whether he’s concerned Woods doesn’t know the whole offense)

“Not really because of what I’m doing with him and how we’re able to establish a relationship and a connection. I feel comfortable with where we’re at. Maybe here or there he’ll have a missed assignment, like all of us do, but I’m confident that if he goes in he’ll be doing what he needs to be doing.”

(on whether it’s important for Barkley to be a team captain)

“It’s important to me that my team sees me as a leader, as a guy who can lead them into battle. If that’s what captain means, then it would be a great honor to represent the team like that.”

(on his comfort level heading into this season)

“I know so much more than I did last year, in terms of not only the offense, but experience, how to handle different situations, what it’s like in a game. That’ll definitely help me this year. I feel a lot more comfortable going into this year than I did last year. I feel like there are a lot more knowns than unknowns.”

(on whether that enables him to act differently in the huddle)

“I’m able to tell guys, instead of just thinking about the play and telling them this is what we’re doing, give a little talk to them while you have that play stuck in your head because you know you’ve been doing it for quite a while. You can tell the guys, ‘Third-and-2, here we go, we’ve got to get this.’ ”

(on whether his teammates view him more as a leader now)

“I think so. It’s not, “Good job, good job,” like a girls soccer team. But I do see that they respect me and they listen to what I say. And they expect me to lead them.”

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