Say-Ow! Junior Seau Drives Off Cliff????

There is a developing story that former USC linebacker and future NFL Hall of Famer Junior Seau drove his car off a cliff after being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

KGTV is reporting that the incident involved his live-in girlfriend and that Seau was arrested on a charge of felony spousal assault with injury. Seau was released from jail in the early morning on Monday and on his way home his car went over a cliff in Carlsbad, a suburb north of San Diego. Seau did not sustain any major injuries but was taken to a hospital in La Jolla. It is yet to be determined what caused Seau’s car to go over a cliff.

We will update you as the story develops.

[UPDATE 10/19/2010]

Carlsbad police released a statement to the LA Times on Monday night that “it is believed that Seau fell asleep at the wheel.” Seau told also told investigators that he fell asleep at the wheel.

There are no skid marks where Seau’s Cadillac SUV ran off the road and he was wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident. These facts are consistent with someone falling asleep at the wheel. Drugs and alcohol are not suspected to have played a role in this accident.

Junior Seau Arrested, Drives Off Cliff [10newsSanDiego]

Police: Junior Seau asleep at wheel [espn]

Photo: Ryan Sattley

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