Must Read: The Comeback of Mike Williams

I met Mike Williams at the Garden of Eden in Los Angeles after his freshman year. I will never forget it, 50 Cents “In Da Club” was playing and I spotted him from across the room. I yelled to my friends, “MIKE WILLIAMS IN THE MUTHA-F*CKING HOUSE!” He was hard to miss. The guy is 6’5, larger than life and was legendary after his breakout freshman season. I was with a group of good looking girls that went to SC and one other guy so we danced our way over to him, gave him high fives and hung around him for a bit dancing and laughing. I remember he picked one of the girls up and put her on the bar. All of was were ecstatic to meet one of the best wide receivers ever to play college football and we were even more happy that he was such a nice dude. That night he never stopped smiling and neither did we. 

That crude phrase I yelled (Mike Williams in the Mutha F-ing house!) was shouted by my friends and I the entire 2003 season after every TD or big play Williams made. Together we  probably shouted that phrase a thousand times that season. He was the best.

Then Mike made some poor choices. Even so, every Trojan fan has so much love for Williams. He was an extraodinary players and left us with so many amazing memories.

Guess what? Mike Williams is back in the NFL and making plays again for Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks. Last week vs. the Bears Williams caught 10 pass for 123 yards. The fact that he is even on an NFL roster is crazy after what he has been through. ESPNLos Angeles writer Arash Markazi wrote a must read article about the Comeback of Mike Williams

To check out the article click here. It is a great story and I couldn’t be happier for Mike and has family.

The Comeback of Mike Williams [ESPN]

Photo by Icons Sports Media

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