Practice Notes: 11-03-2010

This week the Trojans face ASU. They are led by Dennis Erickson who is a lifetime 1-7 vs. the Trojans. Going in to this game two stats you should be aware of are ASU QB Steven Threat leads the Pac-10 passing yards per game and the USC defense ranks last in pass yards surrendered. This should make for a fun night. Here is the latest news from the practice field…

With Malcolm Smith back healthy, junior Chris Galippo is trying to win back the starting middle linebacker spot from sophmore Devon Kennard. Galippo is getting most of the reps with the first team. In addition to playing the weakside and middle linebacker Galippo is also on four special team units. Galippo had some struggles last year, but every week he is showing improvement. I can remember some big hits from him on defense and special teams this years. I remember very few from last year.

What can you say about Kennard? He looks to be very talented but has had too many ups and downs this season. He still looks like he lacks the experience needed for the starting middle linebacker spot.

Another possible change on defense is junior Marshall Jones is challenging Jawanza Starling for a starting safety spot. For me this is one of the more obvious moves considering how many Oregon receivers got behind the safeties last week. Film session this week must have been brutal for the defense and the offensive line. These changes on the defense make sense because lets face it, the defense is broke and needs a fixing. It looks like the coaches are holding to their philosophy of the best player should be playing. Um yeah…we probably should play the best players.

Another job that is taking auditions is on the offensive line. Michael Reardon could replace Butch Lewis at left guard this week. The offensive line needs a change because they are not getting it done. I am having a hard time remembering a worse performance by the o-line since the Hackett days at USC.

We will give you more updates as they develop. Make sure to follow our “Fresh Droppings” section as we update that everyday. Fight on!


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