Trojans on the Radio

Links to Troy Polamalu, J.K. McKay and Matt Cassel radio interviews after the jump…

The best safety in the NFL, Troy Polamalu, was on the Dan Patrick show this week. The topic of conversation was the NFL’s crack down on big hits. Troy says the enforcement of new rules is not going to change his style of play. He thinks that fear and intimidation are a big part of the game. He also thinks the NFL needs to rework the appeals process and how they hand out fines.

To listen to the interview click here.

USC Assistant Athletic Director and former Trojan wide receiver J.K. McKay was on the Petros and Money show yesterday. McKay talks about his new job, USC’s appeal to the NCAA and the state of the football program.

To hear J.K. click here.

Last week Kansas City QB, Matt Cassel, joined Petros and Money show to talk about the success of the Chiefs. Isn’t it crazy that Cassel is starting for a first place team and Matt Leinart is the third string QB on the Texans?

To check that interview out click here.

Photo by Icon Sports Media
Photo by Icon Sports Media

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