Thank You Allen Bradford

I have always been a very big Allen Bradford fan. Last Saturday night Bradford truly dominated the Bruins racking up 259 total yards and two TDs. Bradford had an up and down season but kept a good attitude and worked hard all year. In the end all his hard work paid off. He will be very missed next year. made a great highlight video of Bradford’s unforgettable night. Video after the jump….

GO A.B. GO A.B. GO A.B. GO A.B. GO A.B.!

Photo by Icon Sports Media

2 thoughts on “Thank You Allen Bradford

  1. Yes, thank you Mr. Bradford. So sorry that Coaches Carroll and Kiffin did not recognize your talent. You are quite clearly the best RB on the squad right now and were also the best last year. You’ve played like a trooper throughout, and no doubt they will all be kicking themselves once you get to the NFL and demonstrate your superior running game. Those clowns will doubtlessly have cost you many millions, but you just need to keep your head down, keep running, and work toward your second NFL contract. Both coaches have been fools in overlooking your serious talent. Rest assured that I cannot have been the only one to have noticed.

    Even though they will not have meant to do so, coaches C and K will have likely done you a great favor given that it is extremely hard — regardless of your native talent — to succeed in the NFL without a chip on your shoulder. Few are helped by signing big contract straight out of the gates.

    Good luck. Fight on!

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