The Best Dunk of the Night

DeMar DeRozan put on a show Saturday night, but because he didn’t use any props he did not make it to the final round of the dunk contest during All-Star weekend. He did though score a perfect 50 (for the second year in a row) on one of the most amazing things I have ever seen at a dunk contest. Video after the jump…

Make sure you turn up the volume to get the full effect.

When asked today if he felt robbed when he didn’t make it to the finals DeRozan said,

“I think so. I’m a dunker. Dunk contests, you go out there and dunk. I’m not into all the props and everything. I try to come out with a creative dunk and do it and go from there. My fans liked it and you can see the reaction from a lot of people afterward.”

“If there’s a dunk contest next year I’ll do it. But not no prop dunk contest.”

“I think a lot of people probably look at it like that. It seems that way when you watch it. This year I put thought into it. I practiced, had dunks ready and everything. It is what it is. I did it two years in a row. I’m good.”

“There’s no telling what might happen next year. Somebody might use a trampoline.”

Photo by Icon Sports Media

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