The Lane Kiffin Allegations at Tennessee

USC received a notice of allegations from the NCAA, aka BUZZ KILLINGTON, regarding coach Kiffin’s 14 months at Tennessee. After conducting a 22-month investigation into the men’s basketball and football programs the NCAA alleges that Kiffin,

“Failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance within the football program and failed to monitor the activities regarding compliance of several assistant football coaches … and an athletics administrator involved with the football program who reported directly or indirectly to Kiffin.”

So what is the worst case scenario for USC and Kiffin? There is a chance that the NCAA could limit Kiffin’s role in recruiting at USC and possibly suspend him for some games. But remember that is the worst case scenario. These new allegations will play no role in USC’s appeal on the earlier sanctions placed on the football program because of the Reggie Bush era.

Pat Haden has responded to the NCAA’s notice by saying

“The NCAA enforcement process provides for Tennessee and Lane to address those charges. Until that process is completed, it would be unfair and premature for me or USC to comment on this matter.

However, I will say this: Since his return to USC last year as our head football coach, Lane has been vigilant in making sure he and the football program follow the NCAA’s rules and compete the right way. Lane has my support as our head football coach.”

Kiffin also responded to the new allegations:

“On the advice of my legal counsel, we cannot comment other than to say we look forward to working through the process with the NCAA,”

Here are the specifics of what Kiffin is being charged with:

•That football staff members made 16 impermissible phone calls to recruits from Jan. 3-9, 2010. The calls were made after the staff was informed in December that the calls were impermissible.

•That Kiffin permitted a recruiting intern to make impermissible off-campus contact with high school staff members. The NCAA said Kiffin had been told by the program’s director of football operations that the intern was not permitted to enter a high school’s property while accompanying a coach on a recruiting trip.

•An allegation that former assistant David Reaves, Kiffin’s brother-in-law, requested that impermissible telephone contact be made with recruits by a third party — reportedly Tennessee hostesses.

A hearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions is scheduled for June. There are rumors that Dean Gordon ‘Cheese’ Pritchard, formerly of Harrison University, will be making the final decision on the allegations against Kiffin. Kiffin will have to complete a series of activities that range from academics and athletics to community service, debate and school spirit. Oh wait, that’s the ending from Old School.

Photo by Icon Sports Media

One thought on “The Lane Kiffin Allegations at Tennessee

  1. 1. Whos’s to say that the TN Compliance Office actually informed Kiffin?
    1.A. Is it in writting?
    1.B. Since they “knew” Kiffin was calling on those students, under what circumstances were those calls made?
    1.C. Why didn’t UT enforce their compliance issues with Kiffin? Seems UT was in compliance with Kiffin, supposedly being non-compliant.
    2. Compliance is the responsibility of the school’s athlectic department aka the AD, the Compliance Office VP and the university’s President.
    3. Where’s the proof that the student intern actually went onto the high school property while Kiffin was there? Since he graduated from that high school, he could have visited his friends after Kiffin left.

    All these UT allegations against Kiffin were known by the school, if in fact they did occur, and the past history of UT’s recruiting practices are suspect not Kiffin’s coaching/recruiting process.

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