Sanchez and LoJack Visit Spring Practice

Former USC stars Mark Sanchez and Lawrence Jackson visited spring practice yesterday morning. Sanchez arrived at campus at 5:45 am, sat in some coaches meetings, spoke to the team about earning their degrees, threw some passes and helped with play calling. Matt Barkley said after practice that Sanchez remembers all the plays.

Lawrence Jackson also spoke with the team about taking advantage of every opportunity presented to them. Jackson told the team:

“You have to take this opportunity and squeeze every drop out of it.”

Jackson is a member of the Detroit Lions and finished last season with 6 sacks and a forced fumble.

Sanchez spoke with the press after practice and was asked if he is a fan of early morning practices. He replied:

“I don’t know…It’s early. I like to get a little lunch. Maybe a nap. And then practice.”

Here is video of Sanchez after practice:

Photo of Lawrence Jackson by Icon Sports Media

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