2011 Spring Game Interviews

Postgame interviews with Matt Barkley, Curtis McNeal and Lane Kiffin after the jump:

Here the quick rundown of the spring game from this past Saturday. The defense led by Nick Perry dominated, the running backs (McNeal, Morgan and Baxter) impressed and Matt Barkley was mediocre without Robert Woods on the field. Woods sprained his ankle playing basketball at the Galen Center and was unable to play.

Matt Barkley was 22 of 42 passes for 212 yards with two interceptions and no touchdowns. He also caught a TD pass from Dillon Baxter on the last play of the game.

Curtis McNeal had 13 carries for 107 yards and 2 TDs. He also broke a nice 49 yard TD run. McNeal was academically ineligible last year. He needs a 2.3 GPA to be eligible for the 2011 season.

Here are the Kiffin coaches thoughts on the game:

Layla Kiffin also made an appearance and was looking nice.

Photo by Icon Sports Media

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